Agile and professional AX craftsmanship


“Optimate is totally capable of acquainting itself with our business and its complexity.”

The cooperation between Optimate and Union Engineering (Pentair) started years ago and continued with Dynamics AX

Union Engineering is one of Optimate’s long-lasting customers. The cooperation is based on an agile approach, expert skills, and working with a dedicated team of consultants.


The operation of your Dynamics AX

The ability to understand a complex organization

For Optimate, Union Engineering (Pentair) has been a customer for many years.

When Union Engineering implemented Dynamics AX, they had coorporated with Optimate for several years. The choise of Optimate to implement the solution was obvious.

"We chose Optimate for the assignment based on chemistry, economics, an agile project approach, and not least - year long experience with a good and constructive interaction".

Although good cooperation is important, the choice of Optimate as a partner was also based on competences.

"They are able to understand our business and its very high complexity - and utilize this in relation to our Dynamics AX".

Direct communication

At Optimate, employees take responsibility for their own work. For Union Engineering, that's a plus. As it is important that they have a direct 'link' to consultants.

“We have a good sparring directly with consultants. Once we have defined a task, we find that Optimate often offer alternative solutions. They have a desire to do the job properly - and the ability to link application and experience”.

Union Engineering sees Optimate as a skilled supplier. And describes the strength of the collaboration as being agile and skilled craftsmen that deliver quick responses. Ultimately, this is why Optimate have been the prefered partner for many years.


About Union Engineering (Pentair)

The company produces and maintain modular CO2 plants all over the world. They employ app. 10,000 people in +30 countries.

Union Engineering's gain from the collaboration:

Expert skills combined with business understanding


Strong solution that supports the business


Direct communication with dedicated consultancy team


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