Dynamics AX provides competitive advantage

"We went into operation on a Friday and on the following Monday we were full-scale on the AX. We see this as a success story"

Reitan Distribution (REMA 1000) initiated their Dynamics AX implementation with another AX vendor. More agility and flexibility was needed in the process.

After transferring to Optimate as their AX supplier, the project really succeeded – without affecting the daily supply of groceries in Denmark.


Your Dynamics AX implementation

“Optimate takes ownership”

Through an agile and flexible implementation approach, Reitan Distribution achieved a competitive edge through their new ERP system.

When choosing Optimate to complete the implementation, it was not only their agility that led to the decision to use Optimate as AX vendor.

“Already at the first meeting we felt that they understood our business. They had done something similar and understood what is important when operating logistics to the extent that we do”.

Reitan has for years worked with a dedicated team of Optimate consultants. It is vital for the relationships and understanding of the collaboration.

“Here, Optimate consultants sat down with our people and completed an iterative development process. We feel that we bond well together - they were able to adapt to our culture and way of doing business”.

The customer isn't always right

Reitan regards Optimate as a partner who takes ownership, and constant challenges business decisions to ensure value.

"Our Dynamics AX is not a standard solution, but is customized in key areas, to provide a competitive advantage for our daily operation. The system secures an efficient and optimal, way of supporting our business”.

During the implementation process, performance and simplicity for daily users was top priority. Today Reitan has a complex solution with a high degree of automation resulting in the most efficient distribution solution for their different business lines.


About Reitan Distribution

Reitan Distribution is a logistics and procurement company employing app. 12,000. They supply app. 1,000 stores in Denmark, hereunder REMA 1000, 7-eleven, Circle K and Q8.

Reitan's gain from the collaboration:

Competent business sparring


A flexible and simple solution for users


A competitive advantage


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