Problem-free implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM – the basis of a strong collaboration

”Most important is that we have put all these processes into structure”

For Marius Pedersen, the benefits came quickly after the implementation of CRM

When Marius Pedersen implemented Dynamics 365 CRM, it was a very educational process. The company was challenged by its own business processes. Thanks to Optimate, they avoided the usual CRM pitfalls. In a joint effort, they implemented a CRM solution that adds great value to the organization every day.


Your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation

A well-implemented solution creates value

Marius Pedersen implemented Microsoft CRM (today Dynamics 365 CRM) in collaboration with Optimate.

The benefits came quickly. And the solution also has a clear business value today.

“We have become more efficient. It also makes us more professional because everyone has access to essential customer information. There are many positive things”.

Quick implementation

The implementation process was done very fast but still Marius Pedersen had time to rethink organizational processes.

“A good and exciting implementation. Along the way we got some great tips from Optimate in relation to education. And to implement the solution in smaller chunks”.

Managed around the usual CRM pitfalls

CRM systems do not create value in themselves. The value comes when the solution supports the processes in the organization. Marius Pedersen succeeded in identifying their actual needs. The step-by-step implementation was a good way to get the CRM solution rooted in the organization. During the implementation it was essential to bear the everyday of the sales organisation in mind.

“Sellers often have a busy day. There is typically no time to register a lot of things. It's about finding the balance in how many new habits to implement in the beginning”.

About Marius Pedersen

Marius Pedersen is an international company with app. 4,700 employees in Europe. The company is working with waste management, recycling and trading of waste.

Marius Pedersen's gain from the collaboration:

Stronger internal collaboration


More professional customer service


A strong partnership with Optimate


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