Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation project

"Optimate challenges us to become even sharper and thus streamline our business and processes"

ITD Group implemented Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with a goal of continuous business growth

Together with Optimate, ITD was one of the first companies that started an international Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations project. The project was based on an agile project approach.


Your Dynamics 365FO implementation

Dynamics 365FO project with an international scope

The ITD Group's commercial activities are growing, and they have great visions for the future. Therefore they implemented Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

The Group is one of the leading European providers of highway payment solutions and VAT refunding. A position they want to preserve.

"In order to ensure and support continued growth, a number of initiatives have been launched to ensure better utilization of market potential, meet future demands from customers and partners and therefore we need a new ERP platform".

The collaboration with Optimate on the new Dynamics 365FO platform was based on the agile project approach.


A strong Dynamics 365FO implementation partner

The choice of Optimate as the implementation partner for ITD was based on high professionalism.

“Optimate has a high level of professionalism and many years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics community. Their consultants and developers are competent, engaged and not only thinking in ERP processes, but challenge us to become even sharper and even more efficient at business and process level”.

In choosing Optimate as a partner, ITD has found confidence that Optimate is both agile in behavior and implementation approach.

About ITD

ITD Group is one of the leading providers of highway payment solutions and VAT refunding. 

ITD's gain from the collaboration:

More efficient processes


A strong ERP solution that supports growth


A strong partnership on their solution


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