Data integration – a good way to eliminate manual routines

”A good and flexible solution that also catches errors - if there are errors in what's imported into the system - before they are registered in the system”

OptiGrator can do much more than EDI

Furnipart decided to implement OptiGrator for running EDI. However, they experienced that the module is a strong integration framework for Dynamics AX. At Furnipart, OptiGrator has been part of the company’s digitalization process.


See what you can get with OptiGrator

Data integration where errors are detected

Back in 2013, Furnipart had two major customers who wanted to run EDI. It turned out to be the start of a series of process automations at Furnipart.

OptiGrator was chosen as the integration engine doe to its flexible and strong functionalities.

"The solution also catches errors if there are errors in the data received before registering in the system - and that was vital for us in choosing the right solution".

At Furnipart, OptiGrator is used for both EDI- and Excel orders, input of external part numbers and as an integration framework for the warehouse robotics as well as the company's Dynamics CRM solution. That's a win for Furnipart.

”We save time. We avoid mistakes. The Excel solution we have made has really been a big win for some customers. Having the opportunity to run EDI with our customers brings us closer to them”.

An valuable add-on module

OptiGrator is an add-on module, installed in Dynamics AX. Therefore, Furnipart did not have challenges in choosing the module, even though they had another Dynamics AX supplier. Automatization of work processes, have been key to Furniparts succes. Finally they comment on a comman resistance to digitalization.

“We think that the concern of 'undetected errors' is what makes other companies afraid of automating processes - but this simply does not happen when using OptiGrator. The errors are detected!”.

About Furnipart

Furnipart is an international supplier of furniture handles and aluminum lists for the furniture and kitchen industry.

Furnipart's benefits from the collaboration:

Enhanced digitalization


A closer cooperation with customers


Optimate handles all areas of Dynamics AX


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