Dynamics 365 CRM made it possible to grow further

”We have increased our time spend on sales by bringing down time for administration and information gathering

From reactive to proactive sales with CRM

Fayard manages their many business relationships through Dynamics 365 CRM. Via the solution, the company has streamlined their sales processes, which have benefited their business.

The new sales processes create an overview that has given Fayard a longer-term perspective on their customers business. They now e.g. have a complete overview of when customers received service, and a business flow remind Fayard when to contact them again.


Your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation

Streamlining sales processes

With a step-by-step implementation of Dynamics 365 CRM, Fayard has come up with a highly entrenched solution that has great business value.

Fayard manages their many business relationships through Dynamics 365 CRM. It has streamlined their sales processes.

“The customer Master card contains all necessary information. We can now do things much faster. This allows us to grow without having to employ more resources, thus beeing more efficient”.

An overview that creates business value

The solution provides an overview for the management. But also for new employees scattered in different locations.

“People who do not sit in the office on a daily basis can quickly be updated on a given project. A quick look and then you have the full overview”.

The overview means that the customers are now customers of Fayard - not the sales people. The solution have also resulted in a more proactive sales process. Fayard not only have an overview of which ships are serviced, but also when the next service visit is expected.

A firmly rooted CRM solution

To achieve a much needed overview of the business, the solution had to be entrenched in the organization. Fayard did this together with optimate through a step-by-step implementation. Since then, the solution has been expanded with the help of Optimates dedicated consultancy team.

“Today's collaboration works really well, because we just pick up the phone and call our consultants at Optimate, who we have worked with from day one. They understand how we think and work”.

About Fayard

Fayard is a repair yard who focus on maritime vessels, jack-ups and semi-submersibles. The company has more than 100 years of experience, with a extremely high focus on quality.

Fayard's gain from the collaboration:

Growth through efficiency


Overview - and proactive sales


Better collaboration across locations


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