”The process runs smoothly. Most transactions are made without any problems”

"Our invoices have to reach our customers in the right way. Therefore, it is very important that we have an effective solution that works”

All public customers at Arctic Group require that invoices and credit notes can be received electronically via the Danish e-invoicing structure NemHandel

With an EDI solution (Electronic Data Interchange), Artic Group can meet those requirements. Thanks to this solution, the invoices will reach the right person, in the right way – every time.


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"Of course we need EDI"

Through an EDI solution, Arctic Group can now accomodate their public customers demands to receive invoices and credit notes electronically.

For Arctic Group, it is important that the solution is easy to work with and that they can quickly get help if they need it. Through close cooperation, these needs are met to the full satisfaction of Arctic Group.

“It is a requirement of all our public customers that we send invoices and credit notes as EDI files. If we want to trade with them, of course we have to live up to it”.

Automatic Output and Input for Dynamics AX​

Although the public sector requires invoicing via NemHandel, this is not the case with all Artic Group customers. Some would rather receive these documents via mail, fax or ftp.

Arctic Group makes invoices and credit notes in the same way in their Dynamics AX, regardless of the receiver. OptiDoc ensures that the documents are sent correctly to each supplier.

Similarly, the integration solution OptiGrator is used for their incoming documents. OptiGrator ensures that the incoming EDI files are automatically loaded into Dynamics AX.

"The invoices for our customers just have to arrive in the right way, which is why it is important for us to have a solution that works".

Arctic Group has several advantages of their digital document management setup, but there is no doubt what is most important.

“The most important thing is our invoicing and that we have a good interaction with those who help us with that”.


About Arctic Group

Arctic Group sells and freight goods in the North Atlantic, mainly as intermediaries to other companies.

Arctic Group's gain from the collaboration:

Less administrative costs


Competitive advantage


Close cooperation with prompt help when needed


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