Some of our EDI business cases...

Achieve a competitive advantage by using EDI

EDI can cover many different things. But overall, the business value is the same.
Processes are streamlined and automated, partners are tied closer, and business requirements are met.

Greb fra Furnipart


Furnipart offer both their customers/dealers to exchange various business documents through EDI. This makes Furnipart easier to work with and they tie their business partners closer to them.


Digitization is a 'must' for GPV in relation to their partners. EDI is used in all markets, and contributes greatly to streamlining their business processes.

Billede fra Arctic Group

Arctic Group

At Arctic Group, EDI has been a requirement from customers and suppliers for several years. EDI ensures that large amounts of data are exchanged daily, and without EDI the company simply could not exist.

Billede der illustrerer elektronik

PR Electronics

PR Electronics has an EDI setup with several business partners, this means that data can be exchanged in several formats, and ensures compliance with legislation. EDI is run internationally, and is a competitive parameter for PR Electronics.

Billede af Flügger butik.


Flügger relies on an scalable and flexible EDI setup that can support EDI exchanges with both customers and suppliers. Flügger has been running EDI for several years, and is constantly expanding their setup.

Billede af Rema1000 lastbiler

Reitan Distribution

Reitan works with very large amounts of data, and needs to automate as many business processes as possible. EDI means that the right goods are ordered and delivered to large parts of the Danish grocery sector. EDI is a necessity.

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