Get yourself a solid EDI solution

Your EDI solution should be built with tools, and not as stand-alone customizations.

Get an EDI package that supports your needs, so you can streamline your business processes.

Get started with OptiEDI for your Dynamics AX and D365FO

Whether you need to receive or send EDI documents, whether you want to do it with or without a VANS provider, Optimate's EDI package can support your processes. The package enables you to create your own EDI files.

The package consists of a number of preconfigured EDI documents, and thus you get both a proven solution and you are quickly up and running with EDI for your Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO).

Let's have a talk about your EDI needs


What is OptiEDI?

In short, OptiEDI supports your EDI needs.

OptiEDI contains a number of preconfigured EDI documents, which are prepared to be sent and received in various formats and variants, e.g. the ability to send a sales invoice via several different 'EdiFact' formats, in several different variants.

It helps you get started faster, but also gives you a more flexible solution where you can easily expand your use of EDI with more formats and variants over time.

As OptiEDI also enables you to create your own EDI files, we see it as a powerful tool to help you get the most out of EDI.


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