Get control of your product data with PIM from Perfion, and integrate with Dynamics AX or D365FO

With the integration, you are no longer in doubt about where to find your product data.

Access all your product data from Dynamics AX or D365FO

With Perfion integrated with Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO) through OptiGrator, you get access to your product data gathered from e.g. Excel, InDesign, E-commerce, documents, etc. directly in your Dynamics AX or D365FO. No need to move data manually from Perfion to your ERP solution.

OptiGrator is our integration framework for Dynamics AX and D365FO. The solution is used to create a strong integration, without the use of adjustments in your Dynamics AX or D365FO.


The advantages of an integration between Dynamics AX or D365FO and Perfion:

  • A flexible PIM system that gathers product information in one place - and you can access it from Dynamics AX or D365FO.

  • Employees who do not work in Dynamics AX or D365FO can access product information via Perfion.

  • Data only needs to be maintained in Perfion.

  • A powerful integration engine you can also use for other integrations.

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