Managing and monitoring your integrations is crucial for your automation of your business flow

OptiGrator is an integration framework for Dynamics AX and D365FO that manages and monitors data in and out of the solution. It is an essential part of your automation

The module provides a controlled dataflow where you can get rid of manual routines so that you can work more effectively and save money.

The module monitors your integrations so that your business with the outside world is continuously monitored. Thus, important business information will not be lost – and your company always works with the right data and information.

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What is OptiGrator?

  • Automated input and output of data.

  • The data stream is monitored.

  • Easy data validation.

  • A flexible system that is quickly implemented.


Data integration to Dynamics AX

”We save time, we avoid mistakes"

Hear about Furnipart's use of OptiGrator

Do you need a specific integration for Dynamics AX or D365FO?

We continuously use OptiGrator to build integrations. The solution is through time used on a myriad of different integrations. The examples above are just a few of these.

If you need a specific integration, please contact us - there's a good chance we've tried it before.


Learn how OptiGrator can cover your needs

Use OptiGrator to extend the life of your Dynamics AX

Make your Dynamics AX support REST

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