How important is 'compliancy' with security, access and licenses to your Dynamics AX / 365?

With OptiCompliance you get the tools to handle these things in your Dynamics AX/365

The module is an extension of Dynamics AX/365 that provides you with tools and features that make it significantly faster and cheaper to manage security, access and licenses.

Through OptiCompliance you get a user-friendly tool that enables you to see, for example, whether an employee has the correct roles and rights in Dynamics AX/365, and if necessary you can make changes quickly. The solution, for example, also helps you ensure functional separation in your organization, and thus secures that your data is adequately protected.

Finally, you get the tools you need to make sure your use of the system matches your licensing structure - so you are properly licensed.

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What is OptiCompliance?

  • Managing security, roles and licensing.

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises when the IT audit comes to visit.

  • Analysis of roles that show where you can save money on licenses.

  • License compliancy - avoid unforeseen bills.


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