Get control of your product data with PIM from Perfion, and integrate with Dynamics AX/365

With the integration, you are no longer in doubt about where to find your product data.

Access all your product data from Dynamics AX/365

With Perfion integrated with Dynamics AX/365 through OptiGrator, you get access to your product data gathered from e.g. Excel, InDesign, E-commerce, documents, etc. directly in your Dynamics AX/365. No need to move data manually from Perfion to your ERP solution.

OptiGrator is our integration framework for Dynamics AX/365. The solution is used to create a strong integration, without the use of adjustments in your Dynamics AX/365.


The advantages of an integration between Dynamics AX/365 and Perfion:

  • A flexible PIM system that gathers product information in one place - and you can access it from Dynamics AX/365.

  • Employees who do not work in Dynamics AX/365 can access product information via Perfion.

  • Data only needs to be maintained in Perfion.

  • A powerful integration engine you can also use for other integrations.

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