Not reaching your budget (again)?
Stop shooting blindly, stay focused and reach the goals of your business

OptiBudget gives you a flexible budget and efficient goal management in Dynamics 365 CRM

Sales department budgeting is important for the entire organization. OptiBudget can be used to follow up on financial key figures and manage sales activities. Budgets can be managed per salesperson, sales team, product or product group. The module automatically allocates the budget per month, quarter, half year and full year - and can also handle seasonal fluctuations.

With OptiBudget you always have a 'live overview' of how far you are versus the budget - directly in your Dynamics 365 CRM solution. As your Pipeline is a part of the overview, you quickly know where to do an exstra effort to reach the goals.

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What is OptiBudget?

  • Flexible budget - can be displayed per seller, team, product, etc.

  • Easier work with goal management in Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Automatic budget accrual. 

  • 'Live overview' of budget - see if you are following the budget, are ahead or behind.


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