Dynamics 365 for Sales

Get a 360-degree overview of customers and leads, whether you're on the move or in the office.

Avoid the chaos of a hectic everyday life. Get a structured sales process that supports your sales.

Create one unified picture of your customers - which can be accessed from anywhere in your business

The strength lies in information sharing which ensures knowledge of the company's relationships. Keep Dynamics 365 for Sales consistent and support your sales process across the sales team. It clarifies how far the sales are and who is involved. Documents and emails are easily accessible. You and the sales team always have a current picture of the ongoing pipeline.

The solution is anchored through simple solutions, teaching and focus on the real needs of the organization. Used actively, Dynamics 365 for Sales can support your sales efforts. Among other things, by showing which customers have been visited and when to visit again. Give an early warning when the customer/seller/sales team does not follow the budget and additional sales efforts are required.


Get an effective sales process

From reactive to proactive sales with Dynamics 365 Sales

""We can do things much faster, thereby we can grow""

Hear how Fayard benefit from Dynamics 365

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