Put your Field Sales efforts in structure and focus on sales

With OptiFS you can streamline your sales activities in Dynamics 365 CRM, give customers a good experience and increase sales

The module helps you to effectively plan ongoing sales visits to your customers and ensures that your customers/leads with the greatest potential receive the most attention. Do you, for example, visit a customer as part of a campaign, the module makes sure that the visit merges with the already planned visitingschedule. This ensures a better and more effective campaign follow-up - even if you have several salespeople working together on the same customer.

With OptiFS you get a lexible solution where you have an overview of your customers and sales activities in your Dynamics 365 CRM. It makes you and your team more efficient so you can increase sales.

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What is OptiFS?

  • Dashboard providing overview and collection of customer data..

  • Segmentation of customers.

  • Managing visiting intervals and campaign efforts.

  • Full flexibility and data at your fingertips.


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