Power BI should be your preferred BI platform

Especially if you already use Microsoft products.

With Power BI you get endless possibilities - the only limit is your imagination

Take advantage of Power BI to gain insight into your business

Power BI is a powerful BI tool that is super intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, it require very little training for your employees to be ready to use the tool. Power BI is built by Microsoft. For you, this means that the solution plays incredibly well with Microsoft's other products, including the entire Dynamics 365 platform - both within CRM (Sales, Field Service, Customer Service, etc.) and ERP (Finance and Operations and Business Central). It also means that the solution is continuously developed and improved.

With Power BI, you can work with data from many different data sources - not just your data in Microsoft products. This means that the solution does not limit you, but instead is very flexible.If you over time e.g. want to work with 'Big Data' (large and often complex amounts of data) or IoT (e.g. utilization of data from your production machinery), then you also have the option to do so with Power BI.

The above reasons are why Power BI at Optimate is our favorite BI and presentation tool.

With Power BI as your reporting tool, you actually have several benefits. There are an incredible number of companies that use Power BI. This means that you can easily find advice, guidance, tips and tricks in your surroundings. So you are not only limited to the help you get from your BI partner - and we experience that many users can typically solve many of their challenges on their own.


Talk with us about what Power BI can do for you

The right BI setup can be crucial to the development of your business.

Power BI is a flexible and scalable solution

How big and complex a setup do you want? With Power BI you can decide for yourself.

You can e.g. choose a 'simple' setup where you can quickly get an overview of your company's most important financial figures.

You can also choose a more complex setup where you can compare data from many different data sources. You can e.g. compare data from the production, the warehouse and your sales forecast to ensure that you utilize your warehouse optimally (and optimize your capital bond).

Similarly, you can also decide for yourself whether you want to see your reports/views on your PC or your mobile and tablet - this is a 100% standard functionality in Power BI.

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