Business Intelligence ensures insight into your business

... so you always have the right overview.

Get the right 'insight', so you always know how things are going in your company - and can make the right business decisions at any time.

At Optimate, we want to help you gain 'insight' into your business

How we give you 'insight' into your business depends on what makes the best sense for your business. 'Insight' is not created by the fact that you have many data sources and systems - but by the fact that you can analyze and compare even very large amounts of data at any time. It enables you to make the right decisions.

We typically work with Power BI as BI platform, as it is a flexible solution that is simple for you to use, across devices and across your organization. This makes it easy for you to always keep up with your business - even when you are on the go. But if you have another BI solution today, it is no problem for our BI experts. The presentation tool (eg Power BI) is simply 'the tip of the iceberg'. We also work with your data structure and ensure that you have the right 'foundation' (data warehouse) for your BI solution.

In building your BI solution, we can retrieve data from different data sources. A typical data source is your ERP solution, e.g. SAP, Dynamics 365 Business Central etc. If you have Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as your ERP solution, we can take advantage of our pre-configured reporting solution PreBuild Power BI.


Let BI support your decisions

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