There is always a solution. It’s just a matter of asking the right people

We never let you down – we thrive on challenges that others hate and see as obstacles.

The IT manager with peace of mind exists.
Just ask our existing customers.

We are 'digital' trouble-shooters

– and our customers call upon us when others, who may look like us, wave the white flag and give up.

Maybe they look like us – but there is a world of difference.

At Optimate, the customer is not always right

Our existing customers are very important to us – they are the foundation of our business

We always consider the consequences of onboarding new customers and projects. We are not afraid of saying no, if it affects our existing customers.

The customers choose us because of our strong competences

When our consulting team is set for a customer, it will not be changed. Such change have serious business consequences for you and for us – and makes no sense.

This is how Optimate operates – and you can be part of that.

Hear it from the customers

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