Adjustments in Dynamics AX and D365FO are not always the right solution

Consider add-on modules where the development costs lie at Optimate.

Our add-on modules for Dynamics AX and D365FO:

OptiDoc - Output Management

OptiDoc is a document management tool for Dynamics AX and D365FO that automates the distribution and layout of your outgoing documents.

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OptiGrator - Data integration

OptiGrator is a Dynamics AX and D365FO integration framework that manages and monitors data in and out of the solution. It is an tool for your automation.

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OptiInvoice - Invoice workflow

OptiInvoice is an invoice workflow that streamlines your handling of electronic invoices in Dynamics AX and D365FO.

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OptiEDI - Electronic Data Interchange

OptiEDI helps you get a strong EDI solution that supports your communication with your trading partners.

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OptiVIES - VAT Number Validation

With OptiVIES you get a documented validation of your EU customers' VAT numbers in Dynamics AX and D365FO.

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OptiWeb - Web integration

OptiWeb delivers integration between your DynamicWeb Webshop and Dynamics AX or D365FO, thus no duplicated business logic.

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OptiMizer - System monitoring

OptiMizer is a performance optimization tool for D365FO that monitors the state of your solution and helps you maintain high quality in your Master Data.

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OptiCompliance - Security and user access

OptiCompliance is a tool that keeps you in control of your security, access and licenses in Dynamics AX and D365FO.

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OptiStore - Inventory Management

OptiStore provides greater flexibility in the warehouse, where everything is controlled in Dynamics AX via hand or truck terminals.

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