Get more value from your Dynamics 365 CRM solution

Add-on modules are a quick way to streamline your processes.

Our add-on modules for Dynamics 365 CRM:

OptiBudget - Performance Management

OptiBudget is a budget and goal management tool for your Dynamics 365 CRM that makes it easier to follow up on financial metrics and manage sales activities.

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OptiMaps - Geographical overview

OptiMaps provides a geographical overview of your customers and topics in Dynamics 365 CRM, so your sales planning can be streamlined and your sales can be increased.

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OptiAccount - Key Account overview

OptiAccount supports your Key Account Teams so they can provide even better service to your key customers, thereby increasing sales.

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OptiFS - Field Sales

OptiFS allows you to streamline your Field Sales activities so you get more out of your customers' time and increase your sales.

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OptiConnector - ERP integration

OptiConnector makes data from your ERP solution available directly in your Dynamics 365 CRM, without the need for you type it in twice.

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